mindfulness | coaching | movement

Helping you build a home within yourself so that you can feel secure and seen in all of your relationships.

As a coach, yoga instructor, mindfulness & meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator, and mental health & addictions specialist - I use the lessons I’ve learned through my own transformational journey to help you live your most desired life.

Through self-awareness, self-love, and self discovery, I finally feel seen, accepted, and confident to embody the truest version of myself.

My purpose is to help you do the same.

Come join me on this journey of embodying your most
fulfilled and authentic life.


"Meg, It's hard to articulate such an intimate and emotional experience. You provided such a safe space for me to open up and share the dark parts, you shed light on them and handed me the loving kindness I have been depriving myself of. The yoga flow opened my heart, the coaching opened my mind and the meditation opened my intuition. You are truly made for this Meg and I'm so grateful to see you flourish into such an incredible and insightful woman. My words can't do justice for the piece of me I can explore now. Thank you so much."

Z. R.